Radwood 2: The Incredible '80s And '90s Car Show Is Back And Jalopnik Wants You To Come

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If you ask me, the world could use a couple fewer car shows where millionaires scowl at each other on golf courses from behind their Bugattis and Delahayes. My ideal car show would have cars like the Camaro IROC-Z and Toyota Cressida and DeLorean, filled with good music and fine people there to celebrate iconic 1980s and 1990s cars together. Fortunately some smart people already thought of this—it’s called Radwood, and not only is it back, Jalopnik is helping out this time.

The guys from the podcasts Driving While Awesome!, Cammed & Tubbed and Clutchkick came up with this great idea earlier this year to do a big concours-style show with ‘80s and ‘90s cars, and it was a smash success. I loved the idea (and the cars) so much I asked if Jalopnik could sponsor the next one.


It seemed like such a great fit. Both our staff and you readers grew up lusting after many of these cars, and while the rest of the world regards them as ugly or boring, we see them as some of the best driving machines ever made—high tech, comfortable and innovative, all made before the computers started to ruin everything.

And now, here we are!


Today we are pleased to join the event founders in announcing Radwood 2, coming this December. It’s a show for cars built between Jan. 1, 1980 and Dec. 31, 1999, though a few exceptions might be made. Most importantly, it’s gonna be a hell of a party, and you should come.


Here are the details!

Where: The Phoenix Club in Anaheim, California

When: Saturday, December 2, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How much: The standard cost to enter the car show is $25 per car, or $10 to spectate (children 12 and under enter free). There will also be a limited number of #RadwoodRoyalty event entries given special display parking, as well as a special event t-shirts, at a rate of $50 per car. In addition to the cars, guests will be treated to period-appropriate entertainment, and a real good time.


How to sign up: Head on over to the Radwood Eventbrite site!

What cars: Cars built between Jan. 1, 1980 and Dec. 31, 1999, though exceptions will be made for earlier cars with a distinctly period-correct aesthetic, or later “continuation” models.


What else: Period dress is compulsory! Dress like it’s the ‘80s or ‘90s! Honestly, given current fashion trends, this isn’t that hard.

And don’t worry—we’ll have plenty of reminders between now and when the show goes down, but mark your calendars.


As the promoters say, it’s open to everyone from that era: minitrucks, lowriders, Euro trash, American muscle, sport compacts, imports, race cars, or something else entirely.

And yes, your hardworking Jalopnik staff will be there too. I’m even buying a “Beat It” jacket for this occasion. I’m really, really into this shit, man.


You should come. It’s going to be very rad.