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Miller Motorsports Park will be reopening as the Utah Motorsports Campus under Geely subsidiary Mitime Utah Investment, LLC, after all—but through a one-year lease for now, reports Sportscar365. Mitime was recently blocked from purchasing the facility after a judge ruled the sale invalid.


Tooele County still owns the land, however, and doesn’t want it to lay dormant while they work out a valid sale to a new owner. Tooele County Commissioner Shawn Milne told Sportscar365:

Tooele County is confident in our choice. This interim solution provides the greatest assurance of a successful 2016 season and a positive impact to our local community.

The Tooele County Commission has been consistent since day one; our greatest motivator has been the preservation of local jobs and the continuation of the facility as a world-class racing venue.

The county worked out a one-year lease contract with Mitime that can be terminated by either party within the next 60 days. Sportscar365 reports that Mitime (operating as Utah Motorsports Campus) will be able to run the facility while Tooele County restarts the sale process per the directions of the Third District Court which ruled the initial sale invalid. Mitime’s lease contract automatically terminates once a sale is finalized.

Mitime Utah Investment and Utah Motorsports Campus President Alan Wilson told Sportscar365 that much of the 2016 calendar is already planned:

We had already been, and remain, prepared to operate the facility, effective immediately. We agree with the County that it is imperative the racetrack remain open and operable during this time.

Racetracks are required to plan their annual events many months in advance, and we already have contracts in place for the 2016 season. We will be announcing our 2016 schedule of events in the near future.


This at least gives some stability for the next year or so, which is imperative for the events that were already planned for 2016 as well as the numerous teams and other staff that work out of Miller itself.

Miller may be in a relatively remote location, but it’s worth the drive. It’s one of the nicest tracks in America, and hopefully a more long-term solution for its continued operation will be finalized soon.


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