Jordan Taylor Crashed The Talladega Broadcast As 'Rodney Sandstorm' And It Was Delightful

Gif: NASCAR on Fox (Instagram)

Reigning IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship winner Jordan Taylor has a retro alter-ego Rodney Sandstorm, which is one of the most pure and charming things on the Internet. Rodney interrupted an interview with NASCAR’s Brad Keselowski during Fox Sports’ broadcast of Talladega yesterday, to which Keselowski said, “I think you should stay away from my daughter.”

Here’s a guy who’s won Le Mans as well as season titles in Grand Am and the Weathertech Sports Car Championship asking to have a velcro shoe autographed on TV. It’s a brilliant gag. Fox Sports’ presenters are clearly into it, jokingly [update: or not!] asking for security to step in (but not really).


Sorry, Jordan. You’ve now officially been one-upped by, um, yourself, I guess. Rodney’s the famous one now, getting recognized by retired NASCAR racer and one-time Wayne Taylor Racing teammate Jeff Gordon and everything.

Tay—err, Sandstorm hung out with Gordon’s longtime team Hendrick Motorsports for much of the weekend, being his delightful awkward self for everyone at home to enjoy:


Clearly, retro car fest Radwood needs a Florida swing so Rodney can steal one of his alter-ego’s cars and shred some burnouts. Rodney’s wardrobe is on point, and we’re pretty sure he’d get there fast.


UPDATE [5:42 p.m.]: Turns out, Darrell Waltrip’s call for security was actually genuine!

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