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Jeremy Clarkson's daughter, Emily, is 18 years old. She also has boobs. The people on Reddit's r/TopGear have capitalized on both these features, creeping out over what appears to be a self-posted pic of Emily and her cleavage.


We do not know where the picture came from, as we can't find it anywhere on her Twitter account, where she posted those pictures of her dad on the floor.

Redditors on the post seem largely undisturbed by her picture, though many of them still believe she is 17, citing a Daily Mail article from July.

Most of the 129 comments so far are devoted to using catchphrases from Jeremy Clarkson in the context of having sex with her. Basically, they're imagining saying quotes from a fat old man while having sex with his daughter. We're not psychologists, but something weird is going on here.


We don't know if Jeremy has seen this picture yet, as he's currently gallivanting around Las Vegas and is likely en route to Mexico. We don't expect him to be pleased when he finds out.


(UPDATE) The moderators of r/TopGear have apologized for letting the picture be posted. The post can't be seen on their front page, but still appears to be on the site in some form.

(Hat tip to Timma!)

Photo Credit: Pezho405/Reddit

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