Red Bull Gives You Illegal Wings; Faces Grid Penalty

Per the BBC, the FIA will be investigating the front wings on both Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull Racing cars. The FIA, which sanctions Formula One, claims that the current wings flex downwards too much, giving the Red Bull cars an unfair aerodynamic advantage at speed.


Unless they successfully appeal the FIA's findings, Red Bull will be forced to swap out the too-flexible wing and start from the back of the grid.

Ricciardo and Vettel qualified fifth and sixth, respectively. This will be Sebastian Vettel's last race on the Red Bull team before moving to Ferrari in 2015.

Per a photo of the relevant releases from the FIA taken by F1 Extra, we'll have to wait a few hours until we know for sure:


UPDATE: Sure enough, both cars have been disqualified from the qualifying results per GPUpdate writer Phil Horton. This means that both Ricciardo and Vettel will start from the back, and Red Bull will be forced to swap the front wings for a stiffer version. Daniil Kyvat moves into the fifth grid position, and Jenson Button moves up to sixth.

F1 journalist Craig Scarborough posted the disqualification notices on his Twitter account as well:


UPDATE #2: Per the BBC, Red Bull have accepted this penalty and will start from the back of the grid, despite feeling as if "other teams are interpreting the rules in a similar fashion."

UPDATE #3: Red Bull is starting from the pit lane, plus there was a mechanism built into the wing itself that allowed it to flex more than the others. Many are describing it as a "leaf spring," hidden in the wing itself to bend the entire wing downwards.


We'll see how well Ricciardo and Vettel are at picking through traffic.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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