Rare Vector W8 Crash Test Footage Proves America's Supercar Was Safe

Gerald Wiegert's company claimed they've created "the ultimate in automotive design, power, comfort and safety" with the Vector W8. It seems from this crash test that at least the last was true.


The W8 Twin Turbo's body panels were made out of carbon fiber and Kevlar, and for a car that's development started in the late seventies, it did rather well when it came to a head-on collision. Remember, if German people tell you its safe, it is safe.

Now, compare the Vector to the younger McLaren F1,

the much younger Koenigsegg Agera, or

the so-fresh-it-just-made-it-to-America Pagani Huayra:

Carbon fiber is an amazing material coming to a car near you soon. Gerald Wiegert knew that three decades ago.


See? The Vector W8 wasn't just a supercar, it was a super-SAFE-car.

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Arch Duke Maxyenko, Shit Talk Extraordinaire

The Vector W8 also automatically hid the cocaine from the cops in the event of a crash.