OMG You Guys, Here's A Vector W8 Twin Turbo For Sale!

That spectacular Tucker 48 isn't the only car you should grab at the RM Auction in Monterey next month. Oh no. There's a Vector!


You see, they only built 22 of these twin-turbo Vector W8s and if you want to know why Gerald Wiegert had to stop there, I recommend reading the description under #007 that was sold back in 2010 in London for $307,111.

Prices have certainly gone up since then for three reasons. First is inflation, and the second is that you can't get this many buttons in a car anymore:


My third reason for the W8 would be not only lots of horsepower, but also horizontal lines. Remember, this was all legal back in early nineties:


Make no mistake, awesome is the word you're looking for. Still unconvinced? How about if I show you what's it like to drive a red Vector W8? Just like the one on sale, which happens to be #003 by the way.

Amazing, I know.

For more pictures and even more cars you can't afford, please visit RM Auctions' page. They also have a Ferrari FXX Evoluzione for those looking for an even more practical ride.


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