Rare Vector Promo Video Is Miami Vice Meets Top Gun With John DeLorean

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Of the millions of people living in homes across the country, few achieve the success to live in the ultimate. Millions of people climb towering mountains throughout the world. Few achieve the skills to climb the ultimate. Millions of people drive cars throughout the world. Few achieve the success to drive the ultimate.

In 1978, Jerry Wiegert started to turn his dream into reality, creating the ultimate American exotic sports car. Screw Voisin, Hispano-Suiza or Saab, Jerry was the one who came up with Aeromotive construction.

Force, velocity and direction in space is what a Vector is all about. Jet fighter stuff without the danger zone. (Or maybe with it, why not?) Things Jerry could do without the limitations he had to deal with at GM, Chrysler or Toyota. In 1980, it was also time to show the Italians and the Germans what freedom looks like. It was time for the W2!

The Vector High Technology Exotic Sports Car. VHTESC. W2/W8. Whatever you call it, Jerry and his friends promise to build four every month to satisfy demand. Even if Sonny Crockett wants to come after the Vector buyers in his dumb Ferrari, they can get away thanks to all the power and downforce. 200+ mph. It can do anything.


As far as materials go, well, we don't want to brag about Kevlar, carbon fiber, stainless steel billet aluminum, but if you only look a the digital instruments, you can tell the Vector W2 is basically K.I.T.T. two years before Knight Rider.

Jokes aside though, just imagine what could have happened if Vector didn't hit the wall back in the day?

I believe what Jerry Wiegert was ultimately missing was the golden touch of John DeLorean...


Photo credit: AP Images