Ram Says It Will Have An Electric ProMaster In 2023

That is slightly earlier than what had been expected.

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Ram said Tuesday that it would have an electric ProMaster in 2023 “in response to customer demand.” Ram casually mentions this in one line in a big press release all about the 2022 Ram ProMaster, which is what we’ve come to expect from Ram and Stellantis, even as they finally start to go electric albeit somewhat kicking and screaming.

This is not exactly surprising news, given that Stellantis already sells an electric ProMasters overseas, in the form of the Peugeot e-Boxer, the Fiat e-Ducato, and the Citroën e-Jumper. Stellantis also previously said that it would have full electric versions in “a majority” of its segments by 2025, and in every one by 2030.

If you are playing at home, you will note that that language does not mean Stellantis has committed to making only electric vehicles by 2030, just that it will have offerings in every segment by then. But that is a start. It will also offer an electric Ram 1500 in 2024.


As for the electric ProMaster, all Ram said Tuesday was that, “More information will be available at a later date,” but you can guess it won’t be all that different from the e-Ducato, which gets a WLTP range of 142 miles in its most basic version, or the e-Boxer, which gets up to 139 miles of WLTP range. These are vans intended for short “last-mile” deliveries, and make all the sense in the world for many businesses given how much they will save on fuel and maintenance.

And, you know, I would think it would be good for Ram to get ahead of things and try to own the electric van space, like Ford is trying to do with the E-Transit or Rivian is trying to do with the van it’s building for Amazon. GM, too. But we’ll see if this tiger’s ready to change its stripes.