Rags to Riches 1964 Plymouth Barracuda for $5,300!

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Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe candidate is named after a deep-water predator, but has a price that doesn't require deep pockets to buy.


Yesterday, the Prostreet Pinto got favorable reviews from a slim 53% of you art lovers. However, many of you called into question the sellers assertion of street-ability. Today, we have a car that's road-ready, but which comes with a sad tale. This is a sale of necessity, the seller having reluctantly posted the car when he lost his job. Unlike many a compatriot, he did find gainful employment again, but now faces a gas gauge-cramping commute to his new gig.

Hence the listing of this two-toned '64 Barracuda. Now, the 64 - '66 ‘Cuda has a lot more Valiant in it than the later cars, but that doesn't mean this little coupe doesn't stand out. The one-piece wrap-over rear glass defines that aggressive fast-back roofline which slides in between the vestigial fins capped by the Valiant's vertical taillamps. This was the only year that the car was to be badged as a Valiant Barracuda, and all ensuing years dropped the Valiant moniker and logo altogether.


With few exceptions (noteworthy amongst those being the wheels, URL door decal, and black & gold paint scheme), this ‘Cuda is very nicely kitted, and provides tire churning by way of a pro-built 318 and 4-speed row-your-own. All is not perfect with the Plymouth as that tranny leaks, and first gear may lose a battle with a new-born kitten, but the front end is all rebuilt, and the car looks straight and complete.

When she was hot-dogging it on the basketball court, Sarah Palin earned the nickname Sarah Barracuda for her aggressive style of play. That name accurately reflects the personality of the same-named salt water denizen, but less so these early Plymouths, as it wasn't until the later cars that the ‘Cuda became a true pony car and could run wheel to wheel with the ‘Stangs, Camaros and Javelins of the day. But that doesn't mean this '64 is lacking in both style and entertainment value. You'd be hard pressed to find many light-weight, mid-sixties V8 coupes in as nice of shape and near this price, and it does have a bit of a uniqueness factor going for it.

So, with all that to consider, is that $5,300 a Nice Price? Or is that Crack Pipe from a seller who ‘cuda done better?

You decide!

Illustration for article titled Rags to Riches 1964 Plymouth Barracuda for $5,300!
Illustration for article titled Rags to Riches 1964 Plymouth Barracuda for $5,300!

San Diego Craigslist, or go here if the ad disapears.

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There are many reasons to hate this car, and few of them have anything to do with the car itself.

A wild-eyed longhair with no sense of responsbility rear-ended my whole family in our tiny Opel Kadett many many moons ago. He hit and ran. He was eventually caught, but the Opel was never fixed. He drove a Barracuda.

I got knocked off my bike by a Barracuda. Actually, I think it was a mutual screwup between us, but the Barracuda was there.

Anything that reminds people of clothes-grafting fundie drill baby drill nutjob Sarah Palin is too much of a bad thing. No, no, no. Sure she's pretty. She's also a blotch on the already stained record of the Republican party.

So DIE 'CUDA DIE! But understand, it's nothing against you personally.

My name is elhigh, and I'm a car bigot.