Race Team Debuts Nissan GT-R Hillclimb Car With 1,600 HP, Wings Bigger Than the World Has Ever Known

Image: Franco Scribante Racing (via Stefan Kotze Photography)

They say the only things with bigger wings than this 1,600-horsepower Nissan GT-R race car exist solely in angelic texts. They say, even, that the wings on the GT-R could be bigger. The estimates vary. (“They, as in whom?” you might ask. No idea. Ask someone who uses that phrase as anything other than a joke.)

But its wings won’t be for reaching any moral heights, of course—they’ll be for keeping this GT-R glued to the ground.

Photo: Franco Scribante Racing (via Stefan Kotze Photography)

Carscoops shared this hillclimb car from Franco Scribante Racing, which posted the finished race car on Monday after sharing blurred teaser photos of it leading up to the reveal. The car will head to the Simola Hillclimb in the South African town of Knysna next month, so long as it doesn’t accidentally dig a tunnel into the depths of the Earth with all of its newly added downforce.

The team ran down the stats on the car in a Facebook video, and said the tuned GT-R has the potential for 2,200 HP. This hillclimb setup, the team said, can do about 1,600 wheel HP—the power figure that’s leftover after losses that occur from the engine to the wheels.

Photo: Franco Scribante Racing (via Stefan Kotze Photography)

The team specced and built the car in collaboration with automotive aftermarket company Dodson Motorsport, after going to Pikes Peak last year and learning “what is needed to be competitive.” The car arrived late, though, meaning the team’s been averaging 18-hour days to get it ready to race.

From a Facebook post the team shared earlier this month:

A new project that didn’t go to plan, and arrived at our door 3 months late...

We were contemplating on dropping out of the Jaguar Simola Hillclimb - Knysna Speed Festival this year, since the car was approx. 60% complete from where it needed to be, to be competitive...

Its not in our nature to give up, and we’ve decided to re-engineer the car in the last 3 weeks before the event, mainly focusing on suspension and aerodynamics...

The team is fully committed, and again working long days and long nights. We will finish this project, and do what we do best...build fast cars!


In its debut post on Monday, the team said there’s “still work to be done,” but that they plan to test and tune it this week.

That is, of course, unless there’s some sort of divine intervention to smite the earthbound being that dares try to steal the coveted “largest wings” title.

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