I love terrible ideas. Maybe it’s because I have so very many of them, but I’m really fond of an idea that seems iffy, and then just gets more and more exuberantly worse the more you think about it. There’s something dizzyingly fun about a real shitshow of an idea, right?


I’ve given you plenty of mine — my buttock-operated brake control scheme comes to mind as a standout — but now I’m curious to hear some of yours. Tell me, without shame, what’s the worst car idea you’ve ever had? No judgements. It’s Jayjay here, remember? Uncle Torch! Your old pal, who has almost nothing but bad ideas!

In fact, the worse the idea, the more fun it’ll be to really think through, I bet. So, please, tell me some terrible car ideas. These can be things you tried with your car, design ideas, fixes, whatever!

Have at it!

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