Question of the Day: Your Greatest Wrecks

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Every accident I've been in has been mundane. Fender-benders and whatnot. Only two of them ever involved insurance companies, — one of which was only because the woman who rear-ended me was in a company car. I could've repaired the damage she did for 300 bucks and an hour's labor. Her company offered me $1,500. In fact, only one ever actually resulted in a bent fender. The hairiest incident occurred in Northern Ireland seven years ago when a pretty girl I met at a club in Newry spun her parents' Peugeot into a gatepost. More specifically, my door. I was picking glass out of my hair all the way back to San Francisco.

But that's a very long story that involves unaware distant-cousin near-incest as a punchline and far more tragically, the fact that I recently found out that she'd died. Over at the Telegraph, James May recently asked readers to submit their greatest accident stories, and there are some absolute gems. (Have you heard the one about the Isetta and the Vespa?) So, since we don't have the budget to rip off the Top Gear boys technically or visually, I'm just going to shamelessly lift one of their ideas. Commenters, start your keyboards. Ready, set, crash!


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