We slowly passed a black Mazda RX-8 today and from certain angles we thought it hot. But then you get along side of it and there they are — those stupid faux mini-doors. First of all, the fake-doors are too small for adults to get into, so the only thing they are good for is easing the rugrats' ingress and egress. And if you have little kids you know that all they want to do is climb all over stuff anyhow. Why not let them clamber over seats? And if the silly, useless doors go away (and please, don't tell me how great they are for loading groceries — we don't care) and the wheelbase gets four or five inches lopped off the RX-8 would be a stunner. Except for the ill-thought out triangles found below the nose and tail. See friends, the "piston" in a Wankel engine has three sides just like a triangle. And for who knows what reason, Mazda's designers thought it would be cute to visually remind us of this fact whenever we look at the car. Hey Mazda, the people who know and care that the RX-8 has a rotary engine do not need to be reminded of that fact. Those that don't know what a rotary engine is sure as hell aren't going to get the geometric reference. Anyhow, what car do think think is nearly the bees' knees but upon closer inspection really isn't? Also, Agent 99 is way hot.

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