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With the Olds blasting the Chrysler by a decisive margin in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll, we figured it was time to go across the water and get a couple of seriously cool- yet sanity-shreddingly difficult- sporty cars for you to choose from today. And, just because no choices are easy in Hell, we're going to make you choose between German rotary and Detroit V8 power.


We're going to give the Project Car Understatement of the Year Award to the seller of this '76 Jensen Interceptor III, for the statement "There are some problems with the wiring." Stop the presses- a Jensen with wiring problems? But that's no big deal, not when you're talking about an Interceptor for just $3000. The seller claims the car "runs and can be drivin" (sic), but there's no mention of whether it has the original Mopar 440 or... something else. Also no big deal, since the junkyards are full of 440s, though it would be nice to know if it has a manual trans. When you're buying the last of the Interceptors for three Gs, you just have to take what you get.

The Interceptor, hellish as it may be, is something of a known quantity; buying it would be like deciding to walk from Florida to Alaska while dragging a washing machine chained to your ankle- it would be long and arduous, but you'd know how far you had to travel. However, when you buy this barn find '66 NSU Spider, you're signing up for a journey that may never end, and instead of dragging a washing machine you'll be pushing a dumpster full of boiling monkey piss. But, see, if you get it working you'll be the only non-Mazda rotary driver in your time zone! This NSU has been sitting in an Ohio barn- literally- since 1976, so every component that ever touched fluid is going to be bad, the engine is almost certainly locked solid, and there will be unexpected corrosion surprises galore. Parts obtainment... well, let's just say you'll want a machine shop handy. On the plus side, you get a bunch of NOS spare parts and the seats and carpets were stored separately and are in nice shape.


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