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Project Car Hell, Angry Seller Edition: MG-TC or Morgan?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday's NSU-versus-Jensen matchup produced a near-tie, with the Interceptor holding a razor-thin lead at the time of this writing. We've been focusing on British iron quite a bit lately, since most of us seem to love and fear such cars in roughly equal measure, but it's probably time for us to leave the UK for a while, right? No dice, Jack- you're in Hell, remember, where the Prince of Darkness reigns! Let's go back, back, back in time for today's contestants, and to add yet another layer of difficulty, we're going to go with a pair of cars offered by seriously grumpy sellers. Thanks to tipster (and Morgan owner) Benjamin for pulling our coat about these cars!


Apparently, the seller of this '49 MG TC has been deluged with insulting and/or combative emails about his car for quite a while now, judging by such statements as "If you do not understand the difference between a wood framed steel panelled body and fiberglass, please leave me alone. I do not need to be told this is a kit car by any more idiots. Nor do I care if you object to the modifications!" But... the question remains; what is this car, really? It's got a '79 Capri engine, Alfa Romeo wheels, and all manner of fiberglass, wood, and aluminum body modifications, so we're not sure how much MG is left. Still, the seller claims there's room for a small-block in the engine compartment- now there's an idea that gets our Stamp-O-Approval- and the price is just $5800.

Think an MG, even a '49, is just too common? You might want to size up the idea of buying this '56 Morgan 4/4, wooden frame and all. The original engine is long gone, replaced by a 1600cc unit out of an MGA, and it's missing all sorts of pieces. The asking price of $10,500 seems a bit steep as well, but as the seller says, "Sorry for the price, sorry that it is an old oil leaking English car, sorry I could not accept your 30% offer." The body has plenty of surface rust, but it seems to be of the non-penetrating California variety. You'd feel pretty snazzy- and pretty poor- after you got this fine British machine back on the road again!

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