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Porsche's Twitch Reveal Of Its Formula E Car Was A Hot Mess

Illustration for article titled Porsches Twitch Reveal Of Its Formula E Car Was A Hot Mess
Photo: Porsche

Porsche will be joining Formula E for the 2019-2020 season, and I’m pretty sure everyone involved with the team is praying their results won’t be as much of a disaster as the reveal of the car itself.


I have to hand it to ‘em—Porsche tried something new. Instead of just having the regular ol’ reveal where the two drivers pull a blanket off the new car, Porsche tried to make it fun. It took to the streaming service Twitch and designed the reveal as a game called “Formula E: Unlocked.” Viewers of the stream could help Porsche’s drivers, Neel Jani and André Lotterer, navigate a series of puzzles in what was basically an online escape-the-room game.

Unfortunately, it... kind of fell flat. As in, technical difficulties resulted in viewers seeing a whole lot of this:



The rest of the broadcast—when it was working—was fun. Designed as a POV choose-your-own-adventure type game, it was like watching a spy movie take place in a garage. I’ll admit that it was a little cheesy. But I was incredibly stoked to see a team go out of their way to do something creative, different, and engaging.

The car itself is... well, it’s a Formula E car with a sick livery. Given that it’s a largely-spec series, things aren’t going to differ massively from one car to another. But Porsche did a good job making the format feel personal to the brand by utilizing the familiar red, white, and black scheme we’ve seen them use in other series.

Illustration for article titled Porsches Twitch Reveal Of Its Formula E Car Was A Hot Mess
Image: Porsche

I have to say, I’m a huge fan of the new FE cars and hot they’ve evolved over the past few years. Their open cockpits and wide bodies remind me of the Can-Am cars of the 1970s, except more futuristic and electric.

It’s great to see big names like Porsche making their way into Formula E, exploring more eco-friendly versions of racing. Let’s just hope their actual debut goes a hell of a lot smoother than their car debut.

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