Porsche Smells Rat, Claims Nissan Cheating On GT-R Nurburgring Lap Times

Illustration for article titled Porsche Smells Rat, Claims Nissan Cheating On GT-R Nurburgring Lap Times

The boys at Porsche, obviously stunned that the Nissan GT-R achieved a claimed Nurburgring lap time of 7:29 — faster than either their 911 Turbo or GT2 — decided to do a little testing of their own. Using a stock GT-R sourced from the States, Porsche's 'Ring expert was able to perform a best lap of just 7:54, easily beaten by both the 911 Turbo (7:38) and GT2 (7:34). The results were no surprise to Porsche, considering that its cars have more power yet weigh less than the GT-R, leading the engineers in Stuttgart to claim Nissan was running its tests using race tires. In polite German fashion, the Porsche folks state they aren't trying to start a battle, just satisfy their own concerns. "The Nissan is a good car. I don't want to make anything bad with my words," August Achleitner, the 911 product chief for Porsche, told a CarsGuide reporter. At the time of this writing, Nissan hasn't responded to Porsche's claims of foul play, but we're interested to see if a mea culpa is forthcoming or if Nissan will provide irrefutable proof of Godzilla's triumph. Stay tuned. [CarsGuide; thanks Jack!]


There needs to be some independent firm that conducts these kinds of tests to ensure total neutrality.

I'm thinking of starting such a firm. Anybody who wants to get together with me on such an endeavor please contact me and open up your wallets. We need to make things fair.