Porsche Says the Electric Taycan Will Outsell the 911

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Porsche has already taken about 30,000 pre-orders for its all-electric sports sedan. The car has not yet been seen in final production specification, but simply the idea of an electric Porsche has people all over the world champing at the bit to get in line for one. The car won’t even be shown until September’s Frankfurt show, but Porsche has already increased scheduled production output for the sedan to 40,000 units annually in preparation for the surge.

Porsche set an initial target of 20,000 units, bumped that to 30,000 a few months ago, and has now further increased the number due to demand for the car. Porsche currently sells about 35,000 911s per year.

The aim is to put a fresh face in the EV performance sedan in the market to combat the aged Tesla Model S. Will the call of a more mainstream name with more long-term brand cachet be enough to sway the Tesla fans out of their American-made?


The Taycan is said to deliver over 600 horsepower to all four wheels, it will sprint to 60 in 3.5 seconds, and 120 in 12 seconds. Important for the anxious, the Porsche will have a range of around 300 miles, and will be able to replenish 80% of that in only 15 minutes with Porsche’s fast charging network. The price for the EV sedan has not yet been announced, but the going rumor is that it will undercut the base 911 with an entry at around $90,000.

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Shane Morris

I’m sure Tesla’s fans will fill the comments shortly, comparing what features Tesla has introduced, how they innovated, etc. These things will all be (technically) true. Then we’ll see comparisons to a car that doesn’t exist.

While I personally wouldn’t want to own a Tesla, for a variety of (extremely valid) reasons, I can respect what Tesla has done for proving the upper-tier of electric cars exists, and allowing other automakers to enter the space with less associated risk. It’s never easy going first. Often, history doesn’t reward those who innovate — history tends to reward the second tier of innovation.

I would purchase a Porsche, simply because I believe in their brand. I trust a Porsche to be on the road in 20 years. I trust Porsche to deliver on their promises. I trust that Porsche will be capable of meeting market demands — not just for cars, but for parts as well.

Tesla has made too many mistakes, and it’s not just outbursts by Elon Musk. Making cars is hard. I want a car manufactured by a company with a history of doing it well.

I think this is the end of the road for Tesla.