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Porsche Purists Will Projectile Vomit When They See This Front-Engined 911 Dually

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Meet "Ratty Porsche," the greatest affront to the snooty club of Porsche purists we've ever seen. Chevy 454 up front, bagged frame in the middle, and dually tires out back. RWB eat your heart out.


We don't have many details on the build, done by Diversified Performance Innovations in Dubuque, Iowa. The sacrificial car is this 1976 Porsche, and the 7.4 liter engine comes out of this huge old Chevy pickup.

The car has 4-link suspension, it sits on bags, and the original chassis is mounted on a ladder frame. The old seats have been thrown out for some rat rod-style metal buckets. We were hoping that since they pulled the Porker's flat six, DPI could put rumble seats in the back, but it looks like the rear is all full of suspension and a humongo differential.


We don't know if DPI plans on fabricating fender flares to cover those four rear wheels, but if they do it will put the buys at RAUH-Welt Begriffto shame.

While Porsche purists might cringe at this build, already hammering out cries of "you could've built a track car you turd!!" into the comment section, we would like to remind them that Porsche himself designed a dually race car back in the 1930s, the Auto Union Type C/D.


You can see the teardown of the original Porsche here on DPI's Facebook page, and follow the build thread here, on Projekt German.

We love it.

(Hat tip to FalconHoon!)

Photo Credit: Diversified Performance Innovations