This one comes to us from the offices of intrepid commenter Drachen, who chatted up the driver of this flatbed after seeing its cargo โ€” the remains of a Porsche Carrera GT in an Atlanta-area parking lot. According to the driver, he'd just pulled an all-nighter driving from Miami to Atlanta to deliver the car to the shipping docks so it could be crated and sent back to Germany. Seems the car was destroyed at the hands of โ€” you guessed it โ€” a teenager, and on prom night, no less.

This is getting to be an epidemic here lately. First it was the flying M5, then it was a disintegrated SLR, followed closely by an upended M3. It's craziness. If you have a very nice, very fast car DO NOT GIVE THE KEYS TO YOUR DUMB KID. Given the baked-in stupidity of your average teen, mixed with the "Look how cool I am" braggadocio inherent in prom night, one would think this idea would have been self-evident to the Florida family who handed over the keys to little Timmy so he could impress his prom date. We have a secret for you, Timmy's dad: If you're loaded enough to have a Porsche Carrera GT, and Timmy can't seal the deal without driving it, little Timmy is a failure.