Since way more than a month has passed since the last DOTS Porsche, it's time for another one! In fact, we've seen enough of Alameda's street-parked Porsches to have a poll to see which one is the favorite of our readers. This lil' yellow devil parks within a block of where I shot the '68 GTO and the '68 Belvedere Wagon, so it's in good company. I'm not sure of the year, but it's definitely early 1970s.

Porsche 914, With Bonus DOTS Porsche Poll

This car clearly runs fine, but it rarely moves. I talked to the landlord of the building where this car's owner lives, and he was eager to have me talk to the owner about buying it; the car is one of those projects for which time is never available (note all the other project cars in the driveway), and the neighbors are grumbling about the parking space it consumes.

Porsche 914, With Bonus DOTS Porsche Poll

I've always liked the no-frills interior in these cars. Makes you think VW had a hand in their design. Oh, wait...

Porsche 914, With Bonus DOTS Porsche Poll

It's a running rust-free 35-year-old Porsche that lives on the street. What more could you want?

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