GM CEO Fritz Henderson just told journalists the Pontiac Vibe and Solstice will not live on at other brands. Also, he's gonna have to talk with Toyota about what they're gonna do with NUMMI.

What, exactly, GM will do with NUMMI, their cooperative manufacturing effort with Toyota, remains unclear, but Fritz definitely claims they'll have to talk to Toyota and come up with something to do with the plant. Our guess is Toyota will just ask GM to continue making the Toyota Matrix (made on the same line as the Pontiac Vibe, by the same UAW workers) and just increase production numbers on it or, since Matrix production was moved to Canada last fall, maybe they'll just shut the whole place down.

Why the Matrix always sold so much better than the Vibe, we'll never understand. Wait a second, we remember — the picture to the left just jogged our memory. Eeeew. OK, now we know why the Matrix sold better.