Pontiac G8 ST "El Camino" Coming to New York Auto Show?

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We're able to forgive GM's main product man and vice-chairman, "Maximum" Bob Lutz, over his gaffe on the xtremely secret GMC pickup car concept with the news we've now got. Just to recap — if you'll remember earlier today we told you he was wrong about which show it'd debut in. Originally, a number of outlets reported the concept would hit the showroom floor in New York based on Lutz's comments. Although we knew that wasn't the case, we held off on reporting on anything other than the reports themselves until we were absolutely sure it'd hit the New York Auto Show floor. Now we know why he was so confused. You see, there will be another unibody El Camino pickup truck-car hitting the floor in New York. That's right — we're hearing the new "El Cam" — the Pontiac G8 ST will be revealed officially this year in New York. Michael Levine of PickupTruck.com has the full scoop below.


"Very reliable sources have told PickupTruck.com that the production Pontiac G8 ST (Sport Truck), based on Holden's VE Ute, will bow in the Big Apple in late March during the NY Auto Show's media days. WO0t!

The decision to move forward with the G8 ST was made even though there are still lingering concerns inside GM about the exchange rate between the Australian and U.S. dollars. If the U.S. dollar had continued to weaken against the Aussie buck recently, it would not have been profitable to import the Holden VE Ute to American shores. The price for the Ute would have been too high for the market...Last year our sources also gave us the official name of the Pontiac G8 ST and news that only a 361-hp V8 would be offered, starting at $31,000 USD. The name remains the same but a 256-hp V6 version of the ST will also be available."

Head on over to PickupTruck.com for the rest of the scoop. We need to sit here for a few minutes and just breathe. In...out...in....out. [PickupTruck.com]


Ash78, voting early and often

Sweet. I would consider a 4-door...and considering how popular crew cab pickups are now, I doubt it will be long before we see one. Not many people even buy regular cabs anymore.

As long as I can secure 4'x8' sheets with the gate down, it'll have all the utility I need. Stick a cap on it and you have an instant wagon.