Police To Auction $1.6 Million Ferrari Enzo Abandoned In Dubai

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A British expat fled Dubai last year, leaving his $1.6 million Ferrari Enzo behind to gather dust. On Wednesday, it will go up for auction in what might be the most expensive police sale in history. Why did he abandon the car in the first place?


In Dubai, debt is a crime. Many debtors flee the country to avoid jail time, leaving behind cars and other property to bake in the hot sun. Dubai's traffic department director, Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zaffin, reports that this particular Enzo was wanted by Interpol and was left in a parking space twenty months ago after accruing too many parking tickets.

This Enzo isn't the first abandoned supercar in the Middle East –- a very sad Ferrari Mondial is excusable, but this Enzo, an NSX, and a Jaguar XJ220 left to the elements are just unbelievable.

The Dubai government has the right to auction off any vehicle abandoned for over six months. The auction itself will host a total of 129 seized vehicles, 23 of which are luxury cars. They carry fines of around $27,000 (DH99,000). Some were abandoned due to these fines, others due to the debts of their owners, and others were abandoned when their owners fled after an accident.

A red Enzo in good condition can fetch between $1.4M to $1.85M, but there's no telling how much this deserted example has depreciated in the Dubai sun and sand.

Photo Credit: Motor Authority


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