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Police In Dubai Won't Actually Auction $1.6 Million Ferrari Enzo

Illustration for article titled Police In Dubai Wont Actually Auction $1.6 Million Ferrari Enzo

Last week, we linked to a report that said the Dubai police would auction off an abandoned $1.6 million Enzo. Now Emirates 24/7 has confirmed that the car is not for sale, and its story is more complicated than we thought.


We last believed that the Enzo was abandoned, like other luxury cars seized by the Dubai police, due to debts from parking fines. The Enzo was actually taken along with eight other cars in relation to criminal cases, including robbery. Interpol needs these nine cars for evidence. They include another red Ferrari, a yellow Porsche, a silver Porsche, a black Corvette, a silver BMW and three black Mercedes.


Dubai police captain Khalid Al Kamali stressed that cars seized as evidence for either domestic or international crimes may not be auctioned off by the country's Traffic Department.

The one Ferrari Enzo and the another regular Ferrari are required by Interpol. So, the nine cars are not for sale.

He added,

They shall not be disposed of, except in accordance with procedures specified in coordination between the real owner of the car, Interpol and the Interior Ministry in the UAE.


The many bidders for the car, which reports came from England, America, Russia, and India, will have to look elsewhere to find an Enzo for sale.

Photo Credit: Motor Authority

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