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Police In Canada Are Looking For A Woman Who Keyed Over 400 Cars

So far, there have been nearly $400,000 in damages.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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If you find yourself in the market for a new car in the Vancouver area, make sure you double-check it for scratches before you buy it. USA Today reports that a woman has been going around to local dealerships and keying cars for reasons unknown.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police say from the period of January to April of this year, an unknown woman has been going around performing what they’re calling “mass car keying incidents.” So far the incidents have happened at just one dealership, Journey Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Ram in Port Coquitlam, 17 miles east of Vancouver.

Woman keys over 400 cars causing thousands in damages | USA TODAY

Surveillance footage shows her keying each of the over 400 cars. So far authorities say she’s caused CAD $500,000 (Just over $370,000) in damages.


In the footage, the woman is concealed with a getup consisting of a surgical mask, glasses, gloves, and a beanie. Authorities believe she’s a Caucasian female with blonde hair and is around 40-50 years old. Police say they believe her car is a second-generation Ford Escape.

A statement released by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Corporal Alexa Hodgins says. “It is clear in the videos that the suspect was deliberately scratching the vehicles one-by-one. Our investigators are continuing to follow up on any investigational leads, but are requesting the assistance from the public in identifying the suspect.”