Polestar Drops Hint That Another Crazy Volvo Is Coming

The Volvo S60 Polestar was a big jelly bean-blue bundle of goodness. While we got a hot-ish Volvo C30 to buy, the S60 with 508 horses remained a concept. At least Polestar, the group that warms up standard Volvos, has plans for a follow-up act.


They've released this teaser clip showing us a wind tunnel outline of their next creation set to be unveiled Nov. 26. Motor Authority seems to think it's going to be a hot V60, like the bright blue one caught at the Nurburgring recently.

It would make sense, it's largely an S60 in a lovely two-box suit. The question remains, however, whether this one is actually going to be available for normal people to buy and not just a one-off like the S60 – and whether it'll pack much more of a punch than the 325 horses already available in the Polestar-chipped R-Design Volvos.

And, of course, Volvo needs customers to see one of its dealers soon. Like, today soon.

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