Phony-Baloney Lambo For $35,000!

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Last year an Ohio man got himself caught trying to fake his own death in a plane crash. Today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has a Canadian Lambo, that you could own, which is just plain fake.


On Monday we learned that 75% of you would plunk down KIA money for a convertible Corvair, and that you'd like to collectively give Ralph Nader a wedgie. Hopefully that honest little convertible will find a good home, and Ralph won't run into any of you. Today, let's look to the north- the big, fake north.

Offered in the Auto Tr-eh-der Canada Edition is what is billed as a Lamborghini Countach. With only 10,500 kilometers on the clock. For $35,000 Canadian.

Now, thirty five large in Maple Leaves isn't chump change, but that's still plenty cheap for a Countach. That is, unless it comes with a radioactive, poop-flinging monkey in the passenger seat, and even then you might think twice before walking away. But this car is listed as a 1996, and if memory and Wikipedia serves me right, the Countach was replaced by the Diablo in 1990.

Maybe it's not a real Countach then? The Charles Bronson-brief description doesn't indicate anything other than year, mileage, and price, leaving a great deal open to speculation. Much like guessing what lies under a tranny's skirts, we can wonder what underpins this be-spoilered and slatted red sled- Fiero? VW? Basement-built one-off? Who knows?

If it's not a real Lambo, then that $35K price is called into question. Would you spend that much to be seen in such a poseur? Of course that all depends on your attitude. How are you with the idea of fake boobs? In your mind, is cubic zirconia a girl's best friend? Do you do your DVD shopping out of the backpack of a guy on the street? New York Times or USA Today? If you're the less discriminating type, then maybe this would be right up your alley. Otherwise, your strident desire for the real deal may mean you'd just have to walk away from this Carny Countach.


So, how does $35,000 Canadian sound for this mystery meat of a Lambo? Is that a Nice Price because a real one will be, like, 3 times as much? And you know, who could tell? Or is the seller spending his time smoking the Crack Pipe instead of properly listing his Fakie McFake-fake car?

You decide!


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Thomas Paladino

It is, of course, fake as a $3 bill.

1. The Anniversary Edition had color-coded NACA ducts. The black ones were only on earlier models.

2. Forward driving lights are blacked-out. No Countach ever had this.

3. Lower front spoiler with HID foglights and side markers is all wrong.

4. Side-view mirriors are all wrong.

5. Two-tone interior is wrong.

6. Side windows appear to be a single pane of glass, as opposed to the split-glass on the actual Countach.

7. Rear spoiler appears to be wrong.

8. Rocker panel spoiler is completely wrong, and non functional as an intake, unlike the actual Countach.

9. There appears to be a metal latch of some sort just rear of the passenger door, which is wrong.

And that's just what I can see on this tiny picture. But other than that it's perfect!