So this is one of those things where you can't say how you really feel about it because everyone will call you a bitter hater and accuse you of standing in the way of Detroit's progress — whatever that may be — but seriously, why the fuck would anyone build a snow ramp in an empty church and go skiing inside?

I've seen people jizzing over this video all over social media and finally watched it this morning. I'm going to ignore the ol' Detroit documentary cliche of the young, optimistic, daredevil white person contrasted with downtrodden, struggling black people for a minute just to ask a relevant question.

It's a video of a rogue skiing crew going to some notable abandoned places in and outside Detroit — notably, the Packard Plant, Pontiac Central High School and, a building they're kicked out of, Southwest Detroit Hospital — and using the empty structures for sport. Isn't this counterproductive?


All throughout the video there's talk of all the "opportunity" in Detroit. I'm trying to think of what opportunities lie in skiing on the roof of an old school. Wouldn't another opportunity be to, I don't know, buy the school, hire teachers and help offset some of the decline in public education around these parts?

OK, OK. Not everyone is able to fund a school start-up, obviously. The reason I ask why it's counterproductive is because Detroit needs people to rebuild (I know, I know, an overused term) instead of tearing up what's already broken down.

I just wonder where this is going to lead. An underground ski tournament in Michigan Central Depot, perhaps?