The well of Detroit documentaries just refuses to run dry! And more and more of the output is getting weirder as the city trudges through bankruptcy, as more and more people "discover" a city where 700,000 people just happen to live.


You might know Michael Bolton as the singer of your favorite soulful adult contemporary hits that you secretly enjoy when you're driving through a rural area where there's like three FM stations playing "Delilah" and the only other stations are staticky AM stations full of Mormon choirs singing about Jesus, but he's also executive produced four TV and movie projects. His next step is filmmaking.

According to MLive, Bolton became so enamored with Detroit recently that he's going to produce a wholly and completely original story never told about the city:

"What I see in Detroit is this kind of love and loyalty - through the best times and the hardest times," Bolton said. "And I love seeing that, and I love a comeback story."

The yet-to-be-titled documentary focuses mainly on Dan Gilbert, a quiet guy who usually shuns the media. It'll also feature Bloomfield Hills resident Aretha Franklin and California transplant Smokey Robinson.

And that's not all for our legendary crooner. Bolton's also busy doing holiday jingles for Honda, a car company that's not based anywhere in Metro Detroit.


[Photo via AP]

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