It’s not just that one dude anymore. Across the country, the scene outside many a Tesla Store is getting ridiculous as buyers line up to put down a reservation on the Tesla Model 3, a car they’ve never seen before because it doesn’t even get unveiled until late tonight.

According to Bloomberg, some of these campers are hoping to become the few who can claim a Model 3 in time to take advantage of a federal tax credit. That credit was meant to encourage development of electric cars, could save buyers up to $7,500 on the $35,000 car, and is about to expire for new Tesla cars.


The credit expires when an automaker sells over 200,000 cars, which is projected to hit in June 2018 for Tesla. The Model 3 hasn’t even entered production yet and some analysts claim the car may not hit the streets until late 2018.

Still, a $1,000 deposit now to ensure you have a chance to claim the new Model 3 and possibly receive the extra tax incentives is a worthy bargain for some—even though they haven’t seen the car yet. Bloomberg reports that the deposit is refundable at any time until they’re ready to build the car. Showrooms start taking deposits at 10:00 a.m. today.

You’d almost think the Tesla store was serving delicious meat, but nah. I don’t think you can eat a car.

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