PCH, Mega-Doors Edition: 8-Door Checker or 6-Door GMC?

Project Car Hell voting is supposed to take into account both the coolness and the impossibility of a project, which means the 80/20 stomping administered by the Alfa over the Opel in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll wasn't a huge surprise. Today we're going to switch from cars to something a bit different, because it's been since the Yankenwagen Me, Krankenwagen Me Edition that we've seen a Commercial Vehicle PCH, and we can't let Hell become too predictable!


Neon Meat Dream Of A Octo-Checker! That's what you'll be experiencing when you pick up this fine 1967 Checker Aerobus 8-door airport limo! The possibilities here- the mind reels! How about a nice Detroit Diesel Series 40 in place of the current Chevy 350, and the interior converted into an exact replica of a circa-1590 cantina in Guadalajara? Or a Dust Bowl Mississippi juke joint? Or the cat-housiest imaginable chandeliers-and-red-velvet rococo nightmare? Remember, this thing's got eight freakin' doors! Now, before you realize your Neon Meat Dream, you'll have to solve a few problems. First, there's probably scary rust; the statement "Floorboard rust has been repaired, but body, inside doors and ceiling need to be restored" tends to set off a few alarm bells. Then there's the inevitable loose suspension and balky electrical system, plus a whole grab bag of maddening minor headaches to solve before you're rolling properly in this machine. But... imagine what you could do!

I really liked the '63 GMC Suburban Carryall we saw on DOTS a few months back, but what's up with the shortage of doors? What if you love the look of the '60s Suburban, but you want to haul some of your friends- in fact, 15 of them- someplace and you don't want them all packed in elbow-to-eyeball and fighting over the one passenger door when it's time to exit the vehicle? Well, you'd be out of luck... unless, of course, you were to purchase this '62 GMC Suburban 6-door limo (go here if the ad disappears) for just six grand! The seller didn't feel that it was important to describe stuff like mechanical condition, so there's no way of knowing if, say, the V6 runs or not. However, that doesn't matter much, since you'll want to swap in a GMC Twin Six for added power. Then you'll need to ditch the jounce-o-philic suspension and put in a nice comfy airbag suspension setup, since the interior will need retrofitting with diamond-tuck La-Z-Boy recliners and a full bar and you won't want potholes spilling anyone's drinks.

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