Paul "Fast and Furious" Walker isn't just seat decoration in a car-centric series of movies, he can actually drive. He's entered this year's Redline Time Attack race series with this — a stripped-to-the-bone, caged BMW M3.


Sporting similar specs compared to the BMW M3 GTS at a fraction of the $170,000 price, Walker's M3 was put together by AE Performance and while it doesn't have the bigger power figures of the GTS, it does have some pretty serious modifications. To start, pretty much the entire interior was ripped out, front and back seats, paneling, sound deadening, speakers and more. They kept the dash and center section because nobody wants to deal with tearing out an iDrive system. Next they put some goodies in, Ohlins coilovers, six-piston front, four-piston rear Brembos calipers over slotted rotors, a roll cage, a functional carbon fiber wing, and featherweight Volk wheels wearing a set of sticky Hankook tires. All told the effort results in a car 250 lbs lighter and definitely ready to run. When we met Walker on the set of FAF4 he seemed to know his way around a car pretty well so we have no doubt he'll be putting this machinery to good use.

Shame though, no NOS bottles. (Thanks Timothy) [M3Post]

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