When I was a kid, we had these huge sand dunes up north near Traverse City called the Great Sleeping Bear sand dunes. As a young whipper-snapper, I would play on those huge hills of sand wishing I were conquering the in my very own Power Wheels Jeep. Unfortunately, Michigan's DNR didn't allow any type of motorized vehicles to play in the sand there โ€” and my parents were never going to buy me one of them kiddie death-traps anyway. It seems that PGA card-holders Paul Casey and Sergio Garcia apparently no longer need to ask their mom's for the ok to play in the dunes. The two spent today reminiscing about lost childhoods without Power Wheels while playing with a Hummer H2, a Toyota FJ Cruiser and some ATV's in the sand sea north of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates after Casey's win yesterday in the 2007 Abu Dhabi Golf Championship. And as you can see from the picture gallery below, the two played around like childhood BFF's. Of course I'd be acting like a little kid too if I got to hoon around in the world's largest sandbox and hit a little white ball all day as my job. Stupid professional golfers.


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