Own A 60s Fiberglass Kit Car Based On Ford's GT40

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Mid-engine supercars are out of most peoples' price range. That's why there are kit cars. While many have been Volkswagen Beetle-based abominations, not all kit cars were created equal.


The Fiberfab Valkyrie started out as the poor man's answer to the Ford GT40, with later models being aimed more at DIY customers. This 1969 model is a DIYer's dream (or potential nightmare), and can be had for $4,000.


Much like it was in 1969, this one is in pieces, but the seller has collected most of the junk needed to build the car: a pair of small block Chevy engines (of undetermined functionality), a Corvair transaxle, and an assortment of other useful-looking stuff.

The mystery here is that this car is still disassembled after all these years. Was this particular kit ever put together, or has it just been resting in pieces since the Summer of Love?

Valkyrie kits were discontinued for a little while after Fiberfab was bought in the '70s, but they're available again now, brand new. I wonder if that means that you have to get all the modern day emissions and safety equipment on the car, or if you can somehow use a '66 Corvair wheel cover to make it legit without all that stuff.

At any rate, a kit car that has possibly been disassembled since Neil Armstrong walked on the moon sounds like it could be pure project car hell.


(Hat tip to frankenheidi_LIIIIVES!)

Photo credit: Craigslist

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ok Jalops, genuine question.

Why the hate for kit cars? Of course the fit and finish and what have you is going to be worlds better on a factory built, professionally made, ready-to-go out the door car. But honestly, what better way to learn about cars than to build it yourself? Not advocating taking others' projects over, because holy hell that's typically a terrible idea. But for those who can't afford a brand spankin' new super hoonmobile or gran concourse level classic?

I guess my question is - why not kit cars for hoonage on the cheap? Discuss. Also, perfect for QOTD, if you could have ANY classic/vintage/oneoff car in kit form, what would it be?