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Our National Nightmare May Be Over: Ford Mustang Gets Pedestrian Avoidance Tech

A wild Mustang on the hunt for shins

No car has so voracious a hunger for pedestrians as the curb-hunting Ford Mustang. Now Ford is giving the 2018 model what it calls ‘pedestrian detection’ technology, which it swears it is using for good, not evil.


Here’s how it works, per Ford:

Pedestrian Detection processes information from a radar located in the bumper, and a windshield‑mounted camera; while a database of “pedestrian shapes” enables the system to distinguish people from objects such as trees and road signs. The camera delivers more than 30 snapshots every second – faster than a cinema projector. The video live-feed and viewing angle enables the system to pick out pedestrians, even in low-light conditions, illuminated only by the headlights.

If the system detects an imminent collision with a pedestrian, it first provides audible and visual warnings to the driver. Should the driver not respond, the system automatically applies the brakes.


The Mustang (along with the F-150) will debut Ford’s newest iteration of this tech here in North America. Now, for the first time at Ford, it is able to detect pedestrians at night as well as by day.

Finally, the early morning light of Cars and Coffees across the country will be safe. Our long national nightmare, America’s greatest public health crisis, may soon over.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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“The camera delivers more than 30 snapshots every second – faster than a cinema projector.”

oooh, 30 frames per second? tell me more about this fascinating modern camera technology.