Our Jason Torchinsky Is Taking Delivery Of An Imported Nissan Pao Right Now

Jason Torchinsky has a proclivity for the weirdest cars, and this may be his finest acquisition yet: over the holidays he got himself an imported 1989 Nissan Pao, the Bubble Era Japan take on the original Austin Mini and other European city cars. Come with Jason as he takes his first tour of the new Pao!

The Pao isn’t a kei-car, but it is a compact that hails from Nissan’s most colorful era. Powered by a 1.0-liter inline four and offering delightful retro looks and a surprisingly roomy interior. They advertised it with dinosaurs.


Sadly it was deemed too rad and amazing to ever get sold in America, leaving Jason to desire one from afar for the longest time. Now, thanks to our friend Gary Duncan of Duncan Imports down in Virginia, his Pao dream has come true. Expect a lot more on Jalopnik about this car, but for now, here’s Jason giving it a thorough rundown for the first time ever.

It’s the Pao time, friends!

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