Only 7,000 New Ford Broncos Will Be Able To Get This Limited-Edition Blue Paint

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When the 2021 Ford Bronco debuted earlier this year, the very special limited run of “First Edition” models sold out in no time. Now weeks later, the lucky 7,000 reservation holders have a big decision on their hands: do they option the bespoke Lightning Blue paint job?


Ford should be known for its blues by now. My mother has made life-changing, dream-fulfilling purchasing decisions based entirely off of the depth of the blurple Kona blue once available on the Mustang. The Raptor? Blue. Even the damn logo is blue.

That alone is reason enough to throw in a new paint color option on the new Ford Bronco, which is exactly what the automaker has done. Except it’s a little more suspicious than that.

The limited run of Ford Bronco “First Edition” trucks were originally available in Area 51, Rapid Red Metallic, Cactus Gray, and Cyber Orange Metallic color options. That was when reservations were originally open, back when Ford only announced a production run of just 3,500 First Edition models. You know, to keep them exclusive and special.

But either due to the overwhelming demand or perhaps just Ford overselling the limited trim, a few days later the automaker bumped the First Edition production count up to 7,000 trucks total.


Some of those who originally thought they were buying a one-of-3,500 now getting a 1-of-7,000 may have been upset! So perhaps bringing over the Lightning Blue color—which is available on the Ford Ranger pickup truck but won’t be an option for any other Ford Bronco—is something of a peace offering. A cherry on top.

Via Roadshow:


If you’re upset that you may have missed out on equipping a Bronco in blue paint in the future, you can always consider the regular options of Antimatter Blue, Velocity Blue, or the new gray Area 51 color that’s kind of blue. But it’s also already a Ford color code, so it wouldn’t be impossible to do later.

Here’s the old list of color options, not including the new Lightning Blue under the “First Edition” category like it should:

Screenshot: Ford

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Ford’s Kona Blue and Chrysler’s Patriot Blue are the best looking blues on cars. Fight me.