One Of VW's Fast Spanish Wagons Is Running Wild While Packed Full Of Dummies In Florida

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When manufacturers want to see if their cars can deal with constant heat and loads of dust, they usually tend to visit Arizona’s great deserts. But this time, Volkswagen decided to drive Seat’s hottest wagon all the way across the country to Florida.

VW used to love teasing America with its Europe-only models, but when it was their Nürburgring-recorder Seat Leon Cupra ST wagon’s turn to make it across the pond, the journalists didn’t get the memo. Instead, Volkswagen put three dummies in the cabin before their driver could unleash what I assume has to be north of 280 horses under that hood.


Jalopnik reader Jack ran into the most practical of all fast Golf alternatives in Sebring at the intersection of Route 98 and Route 27, and had this to say about his first contact with Seat’s greatest:

The car had three ‘dummies’ strapped in the passenger and rear seats. Notes on the passenger seat indicted that the car was being put through some long distance testing. The driver refused to comment on what he was doing other than product testing.


VW’s Spanish brand made profit this year for the first time since 2008 and while the Leon is built on the same MQB platform with roughly the same engine as you find in a US-legal Golf GTI doesn’t mean this wagon’s Arizona manufacturer plates will ever get changed to regular Americans.