Oh Shit, Another Giant Ship Got Stuck in the Suez Canal

It was very nearly the Ever Given all over again as a ship named Affinity V got wedged completely sideways in the canal, but was quickly removed.

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Screenshot: MarineTraffic

It’s been simply too long since a giant goddamn boat got stuck in Egypt’s Suez Canal, and for a brief moment, it seemed as if our wait was over. Navigation through the canal was halted today as yet another big-ass ship — reportedly named Affinity V — had run aground and gotten wedged sideways in the canal, BNO News reports. Now, though, it looks like the ship has been refloated and is carrying on its merry way.

Lord help them, they did it again:


Right now, information is sparse, but it looks like the ship that blocked up traffic this time is the Affinity V, an 826-foot crude oil tanker registered in Singapore and heading for Yanbu in Saudi Arabia.

As of this moment, it sounds like crews were able to turn the tanker around and get it moving again after shutting down the canal for a brief time.


Based on transmitted route data from MarineTraffic, it appears that the ship got stuck near the Al Shahid Ahmed Hamdy Northern Tunnel at 17:09 p.m. UTC and began moving again at 21:36 UTC — a period of just over four hours. It was fully on its way again at 22:22.

Information is still coming in, though, and we’ll keep this post updated as we learn more.