Screencap via Top Gear

A racer’s picture of the Top Gear star-car track piqued our interest: what is the new series doing with “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car?” Well, it looks like they’re straight-up going for laughs. That and the reasonably-priced car’s replacement is better than I could have ever imagined.

Spoilers ahoy!

Seriously, why did you click on this if you were concerned about spoilers? Begone, you.

Now that you’ve been warned:

Not only is the new track going to be a rallycross-style mix of paved and unpaved surfaces, but it’s going to feature a Mini Cooper. Radio Times writes:

The new track designed for Chris Evans’ new version of the BBC car show will include a rally cross zone, including a water splash area and a jump and they’ll be a new car in town for guests to race - a ‘suped up’ red Mini Cooper with enhanced suspension.


Two stars per week will have a go at the track, but Radio Times gave no further details as to whether that’s head-to-head or in a driver/codriver capacity.

Of course I predict hilarious wipe-outs. There’s a jump and a splash!

It’s so beautiful. I’m crying. Tears. Of. Joy.

That’s it, you guys. The rally takeover of Top Gear is complete. Our job here is done. We can all go home and do dirty donuts in the front yard. (Erm, until the show is on. Is it May 29 yet?)


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