The New Top Gear Track Might Include A Rallycross Jump

GIF via Top Gear

Three-time British Touring Car Championship champion Matt Neal was doing something with the new BBC Top Gear track. Per one of his tweets, there may (may!) be a rallycross-style off-road section with a jump.


If that’s really what they’re sending celebrities on as the re-tooled Top Gear’s version of “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car,” that’s quite a significant upgrade that should be a riot to watch.

Jumping a car is one of the most beautiful things you can do on four wheels. The noise of your tires on the surface ceases for a moment, causing it to feel as if someone hit the pause button on Earth itself. Then you crash down from the heavens, (hopefully) nail the landing, and at that moment, everything in the world is all right.

If you’ve ever gotten a car airborne in a feat of awesome, it’s your solemn duty to share that magical feeling with the world. Preach the word, Top Gear. Preach.

Of course, if celebrities don’t stick the landing, that’s always pretty funny to watch, too. Please, bring me the popcorn.


For all we know right now, though, Neal could have been up to something else and tweeting this out to send the Internet into a frenzy. A marshal’s post from the track that suggests that Neal may have been out there for some Honda-related feature.


Thus, Neal’s mystery tweet presents the ultimate win-win situation: either way, we’ll get some tasty touring car content.

We’ll find out for sure what’s on that new star-car track on May 29 when the new British version of Top Gear premieres.


[H/T Ducky Ventures]

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