Official Gumball 3000 Update #6: Halfway There And Livin' On A Prayer

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Our embedded reporter and Polizei Team Captain, Alex Roy, let us know early this morning the teams have reached the halfway point in the round the world spectatcular called the Gumball 3000. The drivers have all reached Thailand and are now waiting patiently for their cars to arrive. And by waiting patiently we mean partyin' like rockstars. But most notable in today's morning report is that it appears other teams haven't done the necessary legwork for the American leg of the rally — you know, stuff like police escorts, race ordinances and the like. Sounds to our intrepid reporter like some of the teams are gonna face some painful and expensive tickets. Ah well, let the sponsors figure it all out is what we like to say. We're just happy we can enjoy the coverage here at Jalopnik and the mini-site/tag we've got set up with all the latest breaking news. Also, Wes from Intersection Magazine gave us the heads-up on some more gallery pictures of the race in action. Check out the teaser gallery below, hit the jump for the update and the link to Flickr. Remember to stay up to date at our Gumball 3000 page throughout the day!

photo blog of the Gumball by fashion designer and Intersection co-pilot Mark Eley [Flickr]


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