'I'm About to Have a Nervous Breakdown,' Says SLR: More Gumball!

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John-Francis Musial kicks down the latest from the Gumball 3000, which our Team Polizei boys are currently leading. We wonder if Alex is considering having the grill-fish mounted on the rear package tray of the Bentley. We think that would rule. Meanwhile, McMerc alternators apparently suck harder than a turbocharged Dyson. Click on for John-Francis' wrap-up.

The Gumball 3000 has reached the halfway point in 2006.

Unofficial Overall Checkpoint Leaders for 2006 Gumball Rally:

1st: Team Polizei
2nd: Team NSX
3rd: Team Ant&Pete

These overall leaders have consistently been the first three to arrive at nearly every checkpoint this year.

Team Polizei also would like to announce that Team NSX should receive the "Virgin Gumballer Award" for being one of the hardest-driving and most enthusiastic teams of this year's Rally

Stories and comments from Alex Roy and Michael Ross

Three of the McLaren SLRs have broken down, all with the same alternator problem. Team Polizei would like to point out that only one SLR has ever finished a Gumball. Alex and Michael are disappointed in the performance of the cars; they aren't posing a big enough threat to the VW-built Polizei Bentley!

The orange Ultima GTR has broken down.

The Bentley air suspension proved highly valuable while traveling over train tracks and hard shoulders.

The Serbian Police and fans were amazing. Fans lined the roads for miles and even helped with a few Gumballers who needed directions. Team Polizei was lucky enough to get such directions through the streets of Belgrade from a fan. This fan though got a bit too excited as he plowed into another car trying to lead the Bentley GT down a side street. Moments later, the car the helpful fan hit while trying to lead Team Polizei, got hit by a bus. The accidents were very minor and there were no injuries.

The huge CB radio antenna on the white Lamborghini Murcielago ripped off at 200mph somewhere in Serbia. The antenna barely missed a few cars which were following close behind.

The Team Polizei Bentley GT was almost hit by a small airplane on the main highway leading to Belgrade. The small aircraft was no more then 20 feet above the highway as it flew by and its passengers took photos.

It has also come to Team Polizei's attention that many of the European Gumballers are ill-equipped for the American leg of this year's Gumball. Team Polizei has been inundated with questions by non-American drivers over how the police will handle speeding fines. Such news can only mean one thing: The State Police will fill their quota for the month all in one day in such states as Utah, Nevada, and California.

The drivers have reached Thailand and are waiting for their cars to arrive. Most of them are using this time to rest while others continue to party.

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