How would you like to own a copy of the greatest Japanese car of all time owned by the legendary racing driver who had a hand in its development? At a British auction in February, you could have a shot at owning what could be considered THE Honda NSX.

This spectacular black 1992 NSX will be up for grabs at a Silverstone Auction late next month where it will likely command a high premium for being owned by gone-but-never-forgotten Formula One ace Ayrton Senna. It has a black leather interior, a five-speed manual (What, you think Senna would have a slushbox? Come on) and just 31,800 miles on the clock.


If this NSX looks familiar, that's because it was previously offered up in an eBay auction last August when its ownership history wasn't quite as clear. That one has the same chassis number T000999 as this car, so now we know it was the real deal.

But that auction was ended by the seller for unknown reasons, and now it's being handled by Silverstone, which is probably better for it, all things considered.


Senna, of course, raced for the Honda McLaren F1 team when the NSX was in development and was crucial in its gestation and is thus famously associated with the car. This black copy was bought for Senna by his mentor Antonio Carlos de Almeida Braga for use when the driver was in Portugal. Senna had two other NSX-es in his personal collection.

After Senna died in 1994, according to the auction site, Braga kept it at his home where he didn't allow it to be touched or driven by anyone. It has changed hands two more times over the years.


Any NSX with such low mileage is a pretty desirable car, but since this one was owned by Senna it's even more of a fantastic purchase. Silverstone expects the car to fetch somewhere between $125,000 and $140,000 at auction, but I could see it going for more than that. Let's hope it goes to a new home that Senna would have found worthy.

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