Is This Really Ayrton Senna's NSX On An eBay Auction?

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Hey, speaking of cars famously associated with Ayrton Senna and used Acura NSXs, a true gem just popped up on eBay — if it's the real deal, anyway. A seller in Portugal is offering what he claims is a Honda NSX owned by Senna himself. Could it be for real?


Even more so than that 190E, Senna is famously associated with the NSX. At the time of its development he was racing for the McLaren Honda Formula One team, and was asked to help fine-tune its performance. He was said to have been given two NSXes by Honda as a gift, a red one and a black 1993 model.

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That's what this auction on eBay UK purports to be, anyway. It's a 1993 NSX with just 31,000 miles on it, chassis number T000999. It's being kept in Portugal, which is where Senna is said to have kept his black NSX.

Here's the item description:

Ayrton Senna had 3 Honda NSX at his disposal. A red one in Quinta do Lago, in the south of Portugal in his Villa, lent to him by the Honda Motor Company. A black one chassis nº 000999, bought for him especially by Mr Antonio de Almeida Braga a.k.a "Braguinha" (personal mentor and sponsor) in a palace in Sintra near the Estoril circuit, mentioned in Adrianne Galisteu's book (pages 25 and 86), and the other black one in S. Paulo Brasil. The one from Sintra I have owned for 17 years, is hardly used, has 31.000 miles, and is completely original with carpets used by Senna, the last time he drove it, inclusive of his foot print. I have now decided to put it for sell for the first time ever and tell it's history.


Naturally, I'm a bit skeptical, as are the folks at Bring A Trailer, who also concede that if it really was Senna's it could be one of the most valuable NSXes on the planet.

As of this writing, there's about a week left at auction and it's going for a pretty reasonable rate. Any takers? And does anyone have any clue as to whether this bad boy is for real or not? Even if it isn't, it's a great, unmolested example of what I believe to be the greatest Japanese car ever made. Maybe the powerball guy will scoop it up.



That guy who won the Powerball should buy it and import it.