Watch an Out-of-Control SUV Crash Into a Podcast Studio During a Live Recording

Thankfully, nobody was injured after the Chevy Tahoe blasted through a window while podcaster and photographer Nathan Reeves was recording.

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Gif: YouTube / November Romeo

“It got so quiet in here,” podcaster and photographer Nathan Reeves says into his microphone as he’s wrapping up a podcast session with his guest, photographer Alexsey Reyes. If it feels like the sort of thing a character in a horror movie utters right before everything turns to shit, you’re not too far off: Not one full second after the sentence leaves Reeves’ mouth, a black Chevy SUV comes smashing through the plate-glass window behind Reeves and Reyes. Thankfully, everyone involved is okay.

Update: Jalopnik spoke with Nathan and Alexsey and got the full story of this scary moment — and how they turned it into an eye-popping viral video.

In case you missed it:


Jalopnik first saw the clip of the Chevy blasting into the podcast studio on Twitter. Reeves, who goes by “November Romeo” on YouTube and social media, posted the clip of the crash, and the immediate aftermath, on YouTube last night. (He also posted the full podcast episode, which you can watch here.) It’s brief, brutal, and surprisingly cinematic — the bloodthirsty Tahoe careening into the frame, skidding sideways until it’s perfectly lined-up for a direct hit.

Car smashes through cafe during podcast session.

Reeves — whose photography website says he’s a 20-year-old based in Houston, Texas — approaches the near-death experience with almost pathological nonchalance. The first words we hear out of his mouth as the Chevy reverses from the busted-out window frame are, “I think we’re fine, I think we got all the audio on there.” His guest, Reyes, is equally casual about the whole thing, pulling out his phone to get video of the crash scene before he’s even managed to slip out from between the SUV and the table where he was sitting.

Reeves and Reyes even got on Fox26 Houston, though the news hit doesn’t really offer any further explanation as to how the Tahoe ended up plowing through the window. We do learn the name of the business where they were recording: Tout Suite, a nifty looking restaurant (apparently with room to record a podcast!) on Commerce St. in east downtown Houston.

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Clearly, this all could have gone about a million times worse. If the Chevy was moving just a little bit faster, it might have done a lot worse than just squeeze Reeves and Reyes against their podcasting table. But even that couldn’t distract Reeves from promoting his podcast: In the final moments of the crash video, we watch Reeves hand his business card to a Houston Police officer at the crash scene, letting the officer — and all of YouTube — know that he’ll be posting the wreck on his Instagram.