One Formula One Driver Crashes So Much That He's Become A Villain

Pastor Maldonado has had an admittedly terrible season thus far, having to retire for five out of six races through little fault of his own. Many remember the garbage days of yore, though, so let’s take a journey back through time to battle evil cyborgs from Cyberdyne watch Maldonado’s most facepalm-worthy hits.

First, you see how Maldonado has a thing for taking himself out. This car is evil and must be punished! Then it gets into Maldonado taking out all the other cars on track. Those cars, too, must pay for their misdeeds against the Maldonator! Needless to say, the other competitors on track are not happy with their new nemesis.


Perhaps the rest of the field has figured out the game this year: take the Maldonator out before he gets to you or your teammate. More likely, though, they’ve had similarly dumb luck and/or moments of cranial flatulence, as has Maldonado’s own car, which keeps breaking down as well. Either way, this video explains why “Maldonado’d” is forty times the thing “Orlove’d” will ever be (sorry, buddy) and why this crash counter has good reason to exist.

Is he a pay driver? Is he a robot hell-bent on destruction? Or is he merely a risk-taking nightmare to share track space with?

If he was, in fact, an evil robot, that would explain his balls of steel theory. I’m just sayin’.


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