You know, some car companies take themselves so seriously that they forget speed and insane horsepower are supposed to be fun. Not Nissan! After Ferrari's well-publicized freakout over Deadmau5's Nyan Cat 458 Italia, Nissan made a GT-R with the wrap so he has something to replace it with.

(Update: It's a Photoshop. See the details at the bottom of the post.)

The backstory, in case you're curious: Canadian electronic artist Deadmau5 wrapped a 458 Italia in a ridiculous Nyan Cat theme (complete with license plate EPICLULZ) for the Gumball 3000 rally. He even took Toronto mayor Rob Ford for a ride in it and they hung out like a couple of dudes.

Then the fun police at Ferrari sent him a cease-and-desist letter over the custom emblems, which said "Purrari." Deadmau5 has since unwrapped it because he sold the car and replaced it with a McLaren 650S Spider.


I think he should go with this instead.

It's even got a little badge below the GT-R logo with the word "Spec" and Deadmau5's logo.


Can I just say that this is maybe the greatest GT-R in the history of GT-Rs? I'd love to see that wrap on an R34 Skyline too, just for more EPICLULZ. Hell, I hope it becomes a famous color scheme, like the Gulf livery.

At any rate, my hat is off to Nissan for having a sense of humor about what they do. I wonder which Nyan Cat car would come out on top in a drag race?


Update: Unfortunately, the Nyan Cat GT-R "wrap" is just a Photoshop, albeit a pretty good one. I think they should make it though, don't you?